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This site allows law enforcement officers (LEO’s) to request authorization to travel armed aboard Amtrak trains and provides standardized direction to the officers doing so. The Request is divided into two sections: LEO information and train information.

Request type
PLEASE NOTE: If the purpose of the armed travel is security escort for one or more VIPs, please complete a VIP Security Services Request instead of a LEO Traveling Armed Request.
PLEASE NOTE: LEOs do not need a separate LEO Traveling Armed Request if they are already listed on the VIP Security Services Request.
List of LEOs Traveling Armed
PLEASE NOTE: Amtrak policy only allows LEOs conducting official police business to travel armed aboard Amtrak trains. This policy does not include off duty police officers, retired police officers, private security personnel or other legally armed individuals. See LEO FAQs for more information." to display only if Travel is not for official police business is selected.
Persons Traveling Armed
PLEASE NOTE: All LEOs should be ticketed for appropriate class of travel (First Class, Business Class, etc.) consistent with their seating aboard the train.
LEO's Supervisor Information
Travel Details
Each Train


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