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  • Patrol Officers in high visibility gear
  • APD Officers Boston South Station
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APD Patrol Division Map

Patrol Officers, fulfill traditional policing functions. Their job is to act as a deterrent to crime in the stations, on trains, in and around Amtrak facilities, and out on the railroad right-of-way by enforcing laws, conducting follow-up investigations, and providing support at stations, on board trains, and during special events such as the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, NATO/G-8 Summits, Presidential Inaugural events, and large scale sporting events. The Amtrak Police Department has also provided humanitarian aid in the aftermath of major weather events such as hurricans, tornadoes and snowstorms. 

Criminal Investigation Unit

Unit Overview

The Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) is an extension of the patrol force. The Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for most follow-up investigations, ensuring the processing of major crime scenes, the distribution of information to the patrol force, narcotic investigations, counter-terrorism and the coordination of any criminal investigative efforts.

Criminal Investigators

Criminal Investigators are responsible for follow-up investigation of crimes occurring on Amtrak property and/or committed against the corporation. Investigators makes arrests, testify in court, and perform all related activities to bring cases to successful conclusions. Investigators also perform anti-crime and drug interdiction activities. Investigators are assigned in major field offices including Boston, Providence, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, and Chicago.


Detectives perform a variety of functions within the Amtrak Police Department.

Detectives are assigned to the Intelligence Unit work with external agency partners in a variety of capacities. APD currently has Detectives assigned to various regional Joint Terrorism Task Forces with the FBI, the National Joint Terrorism Task Force, and a variety of Fusion Centers. Detectives within the Intelligence unit work daily to prevent acts of terrorism against system as well as supporting the criminal intelligence function. APD also has a Detective tasked specifically with coordinating investigations into complex fraud cases that effect the Amtrak Corporation and its passengers.

Regional Detectives are assigned throughout the country to various offices that are not staffed by the patrol division. Detectives assigned to regional offices perform many of the same functions as Criminal Investigators while also performing various uniformed duties including right of way protection, train rides, and liason operations with local agency partners.

The APD also has a number of Detectives specifically assigned to investigate criminal cases involving the transportation of illegal narcotics on board Amtrak trains. Those Detectives are either assigned to local High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) teams or to Drug Enforcement Administration Task Forces (DEA).



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