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Amtrak Police Crime Prevention Tips for Travelers


  • Always keep your baggage and belongings in sight and never leave them unattended
  • Only use authorized Amtrak Red Cap service for assistance
  • Never accept a package or baggage from strangers
  • Carry handbags with the zipper or snap against your body and wallets in front or inside pockets
  • Never display large sums of money while in a crowd
  • Be careful of anyone watching your credit or debit card transactions.


  • All baggage should be properly tagged. See the conductor for baggage tags if required
  • Place baggage on overhead racks or in designated storage areas
  • Do not place anything under seats
  • Keep all belongings with you at all times, especially valuable items


Suspicious activity is described as a combination of actions and behaviors that appear strange, inconsistent or out of the ordinary.

Suspicion is based upon where someone is and what they are doing, NOT upon race, color, ethnicity or gender.

Watch for individuals who are:

  • Loitering, staring or watching employees and customers
  • Expressing an unusual level of interest in operations, equipment, and personnel
  • Dressed inappropriately for the weather conditions, such as a bulky coat in summer
  • Acting extremely nervous or anxious In an unauthorized or restricted area.


Suspicion is based upon type and location of the package.

Not all lost and found items are suspicious, most are simply forgotten items.

Any suspicious looking or unattended package, bag, container or luggage found in or near trains, stations, vehicles, or buildings should be immediately reported to the police.

Look for packages that are:

  • Left or intentionally placed in an out-of-the way location
  • Abandoned by someone quickly leaving the area
  • Displaying visible wires, batteries, a clock or timer
  • Emitting an odor, mist or oily liquid

Contact APD


If You See Something, Say Something...Hopefully it's Nothing

The Amtrak Police Department recognizes the value of our passengers and employees as an extra set of eyes and ears and ask for your help in identifying possible safety or security concerns.

See Something? Say Something Posters

The Amtrak Police Department encourages anyone who notices something suspicious or unusual to speak directly with our on-duty officers, station personnel, train crew members, or to call our 24-hour National Communications Center at 1-800-331-0008 or 911 and report it immediately.

If you notice a suspicious package or bag, do not attempt to move it or even touch it.

If you notice a suspicious person, do not attempt to question or confront the individual.

Instead, report your concerns immediately.

Be aware. Be responsible.

If you see something - please - say something.

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